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Inspiring and Enlightening

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Working with Jamie was inspiring and enlightening. Her focus on personal development through an analysis of individual strengths provided a fantastic platform for team collaboration. Through the process of examining my individual strengths, I came to see the value I brought to the team as well as the areas where I could learn from others strengths. The work I did with Jamie helped me grow in my personal as well as my professional life. I often use the breathing exercises she introduced in order to stay present and grounded in this chaotic and challenging time. In addition, Jamie is simply an amazing human with an ability to allow her heart and soul to be the guide in her interactions with others. She made herself available to help me process a very difficult personal situation I was going through, and I am forever grateful for my interactions with her. 

Patient and Trustworthy

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Jamie Jones is amazing! She’s intuitive, patient and the most trustworthy guide. Her teachings have had such a positive impact on not only my personal and professional relationships, but also the relationship with myself. There is no challenge that Jamie has not been able to help me tackle. She’s an energetic, “outside the box” thinker who loves a good puzzle. Jamie is an exceptional coach/mentor/teacher/friend/human being!

Valuable Skills, Intuitive Spirit

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Jamie has been the gift that I didn’t know I needed! She has such a valuable set of skills, and has found a way to use her background in combination with her warm, intuitive spirit. Navigating a business has many ups and downs, and she’s always been available to provide assistance in her own, unique way. Whether I’ve wanted help with business strategy, or just plain ol’ needed a shoulder to lean on, it’s been great having Jamie there. 

Non Judgmental Always There in Times of Need

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Jamie Jones has been such a gift in my life. It’s not always clear when and how her coaching will impact you. But it always does. She is not judgmental in any way. Always meeting you where you are at, and allowing space for your process to unfold. She plants little seeds of knowledge into your subconscious that grow into trees of understanding when the time is right. She has always shown up in times of need for myself, and my family. I highly recommend her to anyone who is lucky enough to find her. Especially during times of transition where she can help you find your own path with the immense support she provides.

Thoughtful Teacher and a Masterful Communicator

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Through my work with Jamie Jones I have become more confident in my abilities and have even uncovered some strengths that I didn’t know were there. When I first met Jamie I had recently reentered the workforce after having an extended break to raise children. Jamie helped me realize my value, delineate my boundaries and moderate my overactive sense of responsibility. She is a thoughtful teacher and a masterful communicator. I can’t thank Jamie enough for the way she has expanded my view of the world and my place in it. I will be returning to her indefinitely when the need calls for honest, objective insight.

Creative, Playful, Deep and Effective

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Jamie is a master in the art and science of transformation. She is present, intuitive and deeply versed in a spectrum of wisdom teachings and modern growth modalities.

She intimately understands the process of transformation from her own Self work and is committed to stewarding others through their own unique & organic process.

Her work is creative, playful, deep and effective. Whether you are at a crossroads in your life, want to perform at a higher level or have the need for support in your group or company, Jamie will walk with you and help facilitate the transformation and results that you want. Thank you Jamie for what you do and how you do it.
With love,

Magical, Impactful

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It is hard to put into words the magic that is Jamie Jones. You can’t truly understand what that means until you experience the impact she’ll have on you personally. She came into my life at a time when I felt lost. Her simple presence made me feel comforted, held and seen. Heart relieved. Reminded me that I was far from lost, and rather, exactly where I was meant to be. I will be forever grateful for her tender care and love.

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